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Eilersen Plano Sofa

Lounging about the Scandinavian way – light and classical

For decades, Eilersen has been known for their lounger sofas, which in line with modern trends have been getting increasingly weightier. Instead, Plano rises up with a lightness that almost makes it seem to float and the result is a Scandinavian version of the modern sofa lounger.

A sofa lounger is known as a heavy, solid sofa with deep seats and soft cushions where you can sink down into and relax at home in your comfortable hideaway, while the outside world looks after itself. “A gigantic sofa with southern European temperament appeals to my every day because I live in southern France. However, I am in this world to treat as many people as possible with sofas to suit their lifestyle and taste. Therefore, I imagined a quiet, light, Scandinavian sister to our other sofa loungers, and Plano is the lightest and most airy sofa lounger that we have produced,” says Jens Eilersen.

Product Description

Lounge along, lounge across – whilst you totally relax

Plano stands and floats on round, 16,5 cm high steel legs that are in keeping with the same light tone. The back and armrest are only 7 cm wide and almost seem to have the style of a folded plate that is thin and light, yet still strong enough to be the base for a sofa lounge. The essential factor of the sofa’s functionality is the removable, shaped foam back cushions. They are available from 70 to 120 cm with a 10 cm spring – six sizes in all – and you can move them freely around as necessary, depending on whether you want to relax lying across it in front of the TV or relax lying down with a book. Plano’s seats are equally flexible. You can buy them with a spring of 10 cm from 140 to 240 cm – that is 11 sizes in all, which are available in both right and left-hand versions. Therefore, Plano fits any room regardless of size, which is particularly suited to Scandinavian homes with their relatively small, cosy rooms. Plano is 100 cm deep, and the flat, sleek and lightweight design is emphasised by the foam and fibre filled seats, which gives the sofa strength and rigidity. Soft down-filled pillows to ensure that the look is cosy without being heavy. Plano works perfectly as a single chaise longue, but you can also buy Plano as a finished sofa with two armrests with a total length of either 230 or 240 cm.

  • Arm height: 61 cm • Arm width: 7 cm
  • Total depth (frame): 100 cm • Seat depth: 54 cm
  • Total height (frame): 61 cm • Seat height: 40 cm

Eilersen Plano Fabrics

It all began with a horse-drawn carriage. In 1895 the young Niels Eilersen started out as a coachbuilder.

To make his wheels, he was the first person in Denmark to use steam to bend wood. And when cars eventually ran horse-drawn carriages off the road, Eilersen started making handmade bodies for cars and busses.

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