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Copenhagen Imports was founded by the Hansens who came to the United States in 1955 from Copenhagen, Denmark. We began by importing beautiful items from around the world. Now in Sarasota for over three decades, we have brought modern, contemporary and Scandinavian furnishings to our customers along with unsurpassed personal service.

Modern Furniture Store

Committed to Modern Living

To us, modern isn’t a trend, it’s a way of living. We travel the world looking for timeless designs. We choose furniture makers inspired by the enduring principles of Shaker, Scandinavian, Mid-Century, Modern and Contemporary eras. Rooted in heritage, redefined for today’s lifestyles, every piece of furniture is a beautiful expression of form and function.

Local Furniture Boutique

We are a true local furniture boutique. When you shop at Copenhagen Imports, you’ll most likely run into proprietors Mikael and Karen Hansen who manage daily store operatios and strive to provide a pleasant furniture shopping experience every day.

Unique Curl Table Lamp
Sustainably Harvested Hardwood Furniture

Sustainable Furniture

“Sustainable” or “environmentally-safe” or “eco-friendly” furnishings are made and distributed in ways that protect our planet. We source furniture from makers who have adopted environmentally sustainable practices including using sustainably harvested hardwoods.

Hand Crafted

Our furniture makers build furniture by hand giving the utmost care to each step of the production process. They employ local artisans who use methods that support uncompromising craftsmanship, people and the environment.

Hand Crafter Furniture

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