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Stressless Recliners & Sofas

Stressless recliners and sofas provide the perfect combination of comfort, function and style. The patented Plus™ system provides you with optimum head and lumbar support in any position, while the Glide system keeps your body in perfect balance. The innovative Stressless Plus™ system is integrated into all Stressless chairs, loveseats and sofas.

Stressless is created for a custom fit — many Stressless recliners come in three sizes (S, M, L) and sofas come in two (M, L).

Stressless Design

Crafting furniture is deeply rooted in Nordic roots of Stressless craftsmen and tells the story of who they are. It is a craftsmanship perfected by their families over time. Fine furniture is an art passed down from generation to generation with a rich history of trials and tribulations. After all, designing the most comfortable seating in the world did not just happen overnight.

Creating the ultimate comfort experience has taken decades to perfect. Born from necessity and opportunity, Sykkylven is the epicenter of Norway’s furniture manufacturing industry and home to Ekornes for more than 80 years. The town’s magnificent land with breathtaking views and serene natural beauty is where a revolution of Scandinavian design began.

Today, Stressless is the largest furniture manufacturer in the Nordic region and continues to produce its products at home in Sykkylven. The company leverages the same practices taught by their great grandparents. By pairing the perfected processes of generations ago with modern enhancements and technological advancements, Stressless continue to create a product of luxury, quality and class.

Stressless Sustainability

At Stressless, being green is much more than a claim. It’s a way of life stretching far beyond a cause, because respecting the environment means valuing heritage and preserving culture.

Stressless reuses  materials for practical purposes to cut back on the need for additional resources – resources that could be put to better use. Instead of tossing scraps in landfills, they recycle them to meet our needs. Take for example the gorgeous European beech used for Stressless chair bases. The excess wood chips are collected and burned to produce the heat used in their facilities, cutting back on energy needs and protecting the forests. Or the scrap leathers stretched for sofas and chairs collected and sold to companies to create smaller products so nothing goes to waste.

Complex processes are designed to ensure the safety of employees as well as the land. Close-loop steel degreasing used to build metal bases avoids harmful emissions into the air and the fjords. New practices and processes are implemented to protect the health of employees and the cleanliness of water.

Green materials are sought out and purchased and water-based paints and lacquers are sourced. Only the highest quality materials are used. The goal is to build a product with a minimal ecological footprint, a product that spans decades. The daily efforts are what make Stressless products quality products. Stressless produces modern contemporary furniture that lasts, so you too can do your part for the earth.

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Stressless Sarasota Furniture Sale
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In-Store Gallery
Visit our in-store Stressless Comfort Gallery to try out the various models and sizes. We have over 30 recliners and sofas on display, complete leather and wood samples, and factory-trained sales associates to help you with your selection. With over 70 different colors choices and a wide variety of styles to choose from, our gallery is set up so you can conveniently evaluate all your choices.
Lowest Prices
All of our Stressless recliners are sold at the lowest price allowed by the manufacturer. See sales associate for shipping details. Some exclusions apply.
Back Health
Back pain is a leading cause of missed work and one of the most common reasons for visits to a doctor’s office, according to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). Ekornes, endorsed by the ACA for Stressless seating, aims to help consumers prevent back pain through ergonomic seating designed to fit varying consumer needs.

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Online Configurator

Use the “Stressless Design Online” configurator to browse Stressless recliners and sofas, select colors, and print a report of your selections.

Design Online


10 year warranty on internal mechanism

We guarantee the internal mechanism of our recliners for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase of the product. The 10 year guarantee covers the Plus™-System and the internal metal frame, including the metal springs and gliding system. It does not cover damage to leather, woodwork or any faults or damage caused by the use of the product other than in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, as well as any faults or damage arising from any repairs made by any persons not authorized by the manufacturer.

5 year warranty on base

The 5 year warranty covers the base for the chair and ottoman, including the swivel ring, gas lift, extensions as well as all foam and interior padding in the chair and ottoman. Please note that some deformation and indention in padding is considered normal and is part of a break-in process.

1 year warranty on leather or fabric upholstery

The 1 year warranty covers the leather or fabric upholstery including stitching and zippered assemblies assuming that the product has been cared and maintained using Ekornes approved guidelines for maintaining leather furniture.

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