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Naver Scandinavian FurnitureNaver Scandinavian Crafted FurnitureNaver Scandinavian FurnitureNaver Scandinavian FurnitureNaver Scandinavian Crafted FurnitureNaver Scandinavian FurnitureNaver Scandinavian FurnitureNaver Scandinavian FurnitureNaver Scandinavian Furniture

Naver Collection by Aksel Kjersgaard A/S

Designed by leading Danish furniture designers and carried out in the very best cabinet making workmanship.

Ebbe Gehl and Søren Nissen

Architects & Designers

Aksel Kjersgaard has for many years worked closely together with Furniture Designers Ebbe Gehl and Søren Nissen. They are both fully qualified cabinetmakers who trained at Rud. Rasmussen’s cabinetmaker’s workshop in Copenhagen after which they studied as designers at the School of Applied Art. For some years thereafter they worked at different design studios and taught at design schools both in Denmark and abroad.

In 1970 Søren Nissen and Ebbe Gehl entered into a partnership as Furniture Designers. A partnership, that has been very productive and creative ever since. Wood products of beautiful workmanship, which only the best cabinetmakers and furniture factories have been able to make, characterize their designs. They have throughout the years received several medals, awards, grants and honours for their work and they have had several special exhibitions of their designs in Europe, Japan and the USA.

“During our long standing co-operation with Aksel Kjersgaard’s furniture factory we have had many exciting and inspiring challenges,” says Ebbe Gehl. The joy of working with wood, seeing the potential of the material and giving it function and shape is both challenging and incredibly inspiring and the foundation for creating unique, beautiful and modern furniture. We are constantly trying to develop new products and it is in close co-operation with master cabinetmaker Jørgen Kjersgaard and the company’s competent cabinetmakers that we have been able to develop the best and most exciting products with many new and unique features.

A good product must not only be functional and well proportioned, it must also have its own character and charm. Some of the designs we have made for Aksel Kjersgaard’s furniture factory are still being produced after 25 years and have become real classics.


We use only the best material when producing our furniture. The solid wood is chosen with great care and with consideration for its natural look. Thereafter the wood is sorted so that the colour and structure match in each individual piece of furniture. Our furniture is manufactured in a modern workshop but according to classic principles. A continuous quality control ensures that furniture manufactured by us can stand up to wear and tear for many years. All parts are as a finishing touch sandpapered by hand. All drawers are made of solid wood and made with finger joints. The cabinet doors are manufactured with wood hinges.

Scandinavian Furniture Factory

The Aksel Kjersgaard A/S furniture factory was founded in 1952 by master cabinetmaker Aksel Kjersgaard who, after working for more than 3 years as a travelling craftsman all over Europe and Morocco, wanted to try out some of his own ideas. In 1955 the production of occasional furniture and hall furniture was started. In the subsequent years, Aksel Kjersgaard got the first international customers and today the factory exports to most parts of the world.

Our goal is to manufacture furniture that through their functionalism and design fits into a contemporary home and because of the craftsmanship provides the user with joy for many years.

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