Kronos Lift Standing Desk

Kronos electronically adjustable sit+stand desk that features a unique shelf to help keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

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Product Description

Electronically adjustable sit+stand desk that features a unique mezzanine shelf to help keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. The unique Kronos Lift Desk raises the standard for motorized standing desks. Easily sit or stand throughout the day by adjusting the level of your work surface using the programmable keypad.

Work Smart. Work Healthy.

The dangers of sitting for long stretches of time have come into focus recently, with extended periods of sitting leading to increased risks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and back pain. Meanwhile, studies have shown that extended periods on your feet can lead to other problems such as swollen ankles, varicose veins and knee & joint pain.

The Kronos Lift Standing Desk is the best of both worlds. The desk’s adjustable height allows you to keep yourself in motion throughout the workday, periodically switching between sitting and standing. Combining beautiful styling, thoughtful engineering and ergonomic design, the Kronos sit+stand desk provides the versatility and movement that every workday requires.

Ample work surfaces are smooth to the touch, durable and easy to clean. A flip-down keyboard and storage drawer is lined to keep contents secure.

Go from standing, to sitting, and back again with a durable, electronically powered leg system that can be controlled with the touch of a keypad. Digital keypad is programmable with four user-defined presets, and can be mounted on either the left or right side of the desk.

With organization in mind, the desk includes an upper mezzanine shelf where everyday items can be kept within easy reach without interfering with the available workspace.

29H x 61.75W x 30.75D in

Adjustable Height
29.00 in – 54.00 in

Kronos Sit Stand Desk Specs

Shelf Height: 4 in
Shelf Capacity: 150 lbs
Drawer Dimensions: 1.5H x 25.5W x 11.25D in
Drawer Capacity: 25 lbs

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