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Flexlux Voluzzi Sofa

We are Flexlux – a passionate, skilled and experienced Danish manufacturer of beautifully designed sofas, design chairs and relax chairs – with an eye for comfort.

Product Description

Voluzzi is Italian inspired sophistication. This sofa offers manually adjustable head rests for each seat for additional neck support. The back and seat cushions are fixed. The back cushions are made with hyper-soft foam and cut with special 3D technology to achieve the best comfort and durability. The arms have soft rounded shapes that contribute to the elegance of this sofa. We offer optional lumbar cushions for even more support. The Voluzzi sofa has beautiful organic shaped black metal legs.

The fabrics are a large part of the identity and design of the sofa. Theca selects the most luxurious, comfortable, well-designed and best value fabrics from around the globe.

Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics are made from natural yarns, such as Wool, Cotton and Linen. They retain the natural qualities of these yarns, therefore we process them as little as possible to maintain the superior and natural look and feel of the fabric.

Protected Fabrics

Protected fabrics are manufactured from technical fibers using high-tech materials. In today’s world, high performance technical fabrics are both pleasant to touch, look great and offer great value for the price. All protected fabrics receive an anti-stain treatment, which makes it easier to remove stains from the fabrics.

Leather is a natural product that will last for years and become more beautiful with age if kept and treated correctly. Italian tanneries produce the majority of Theca’s leathers. They produce top quality leather and have many years of knowledge and a passion for leather production.

Natural Leather
Natural leathers receive less treatment than Protected leathers and in Natural leathers the leather will contain features of leather such as variation of the grain structure, slight color differences, small scars, tick marks and other signs of natural beauty.
Natural leather offers great comfort and durability. It requires regular maintenance and should not be exposed to excessive heat or light.

Protected Leather
Protected leathers have a protective layer surface that makes the appearance of the leather more uniform. It is easy to maintain and is ideal for families with children, pets, etc.

Protected leathers also need maintenance, but less regularly than Natural leathers. Protected leathers offer great value for money and ease of use.

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