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Skovby Contemporary Dining RoomSkovby Contemporary Dining RoomSkovby Contemporary Dining RoomSkovby Contemporary Dining RoomSkovby Contemporary Dining RoomSkovby Contemporary Dining RoomSkovby Contemporary Dining RoomSkovby Contemporary Dining RoomSkovby Contemporary Dining RoomSkovby Contemporary Dining Room

Skovby Scandinavian Furniture

A Danish family business.

Skovby was founded in 1933 by cabinetmaker Thorvald Rasmussen. With vision, strenuous effort and professional pride he created a foundation for sustainable and functional furniture design, which his son Villy Rasmussen and grandsons Preben and Jørgen Rasmussen have carried on ever since.

Design by function has been the Skovby design principle for decades starting with the very first “pull-and-unfold” table in 1974. It is the art of designing furniture with product functionality as the main driver and inspirational starting point. Design by function is having both beauty and strong product functionality in one.

The furniture is made from natural materials, selected with consideration and respect for nature, environment and people. Wood is one of the most sustainable and lasting resources that exists. Sustainable forests in Europe and North America are increasing. Wood obtained from such forests is replaced, which supports preservation of ecosystem diversity. Excess wood is used as fuel.

Tables are available in numerous solid woods. Choose between 70 different fabric and leather covers for your chairs. Imported for you from Denmark. Welcome Home!


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Functional furniture creates room, flow and efficiency in our everyday life. It is useful, durable and valued even after many years of use. This is the core of our success. We relate innovation to a whole. Life situation, housing, dreams.
Skovby considers all components of furniture. Not only wood is carefully selected, but also lacquer, fittings, packaging, not to mention textiles and chair foam, which comply with the strictest standards in the world as to fireproofing and wear. Skovby creates innovative design with subtle but vital details for everyday use.
100% Danish Design
Skovby furniture design builds on 80 years of experience with furniture production and a solid and strong opinion on raw materials, production and design. The company is 100 % danish and its furniture 100% danish design.


The profile is well-thought-out, timeless and lasting design with international appeal. Functional design furniture, where simplicity and clean lines are combined with high functionality through innovative patented solutions that unite functionality with aesthetics and set the agenda for functional dining tables.

Skovby Scandinavian Design Furniture Craftsman

Skovby furniture has been produced in Denmark for 80 years, based on working methods that support uncompromising craftsmanship, people and the environment.

It pays to design, construct and produce furniture within the same physical environment. By doing so Skovby achieves cohesion that contributes to a sustainable business model. This is good for business, environment and people.


By keeping all production under one roof, Skovby achieves strong involvement and broad representation of interdisciplinary competencies, which are all within short-range from initial idea to finished product. Products are developed through close interaction between cabinetmakers, technicians and the company architect. And together they pursue to reach new heights with multifunctional and lasting designs.

Skovby Scandinavian Design Innovation

The road from raw materials to production is short. Raw materials are not transported unnecessarily between locations to and during production. Many raw materials are from neighboring areas – everything that is available locally, is obtained and employed locally.

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