Balanced for Optimal Comfort

Backed by more than 75 years of mattress-making experience, the Harlequin Mattress Collection offers a perfect balance of technology, style and well-being. An innovative adjustable technology is built into the mattress for a zero-gravity experience. Raise the head and foot of the bed to increase blood flow from your extremities to  your core for a unique feeling of weightlessness.

Exclusive Aero Lumbar Suspension

  • Optimal lumbar support. Ultimate comfort. High-resilience foam with air-flow channels effectvely wicks away body moisture.
  • Promotes circulation. Eliminates pressure points. with narrower channels at the head and foot fo the mattress, and wider channels in the lumbar zone, the multi-channel system helps to relieve lower back pain and reduce leg fatique.
Adjustable Mattress Lumbar Suspension
Innovative Adjustable Mattress Technology

Exclusive Adjustable Technology

  • Built-in technology. Stylish adjustable bed with no visible parts and no bulky external structure.
  • Fully adjustable. Total comfort for your sleep and relaxation. The redistribution of the body weight on the mattress let you achieve the optimal zero-gravity position.

Soft, firm, or in-between, we have a wide range of options so you can find the mattress that fits you-perfectly. Stop by Copenhagen Imports to test one out, and get ready for a perfect night’s rest.

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